Principal’s Message

Dear Friends!

I heartily welcome you all to the glimpse and word, from the representation of what is a prospective leader in the education industry, located right in the heart of Pakistan, Karachi city, for years to come. Greetings to you, from Highbrow School and College!

Highbrow School and College has been established with a preternatural intention of providing exclusive Ordinary and Advanced Level studies to aspiring learners along with a noteworthy omission of commercialism, unlike most of the institutions based in the city.

The formation of Highbrow School and College brings about a sensational fusion of the foremost demands of today’s pupils; a remarkably top-notch teaching faculty, a contemporarily accoutered purpose-built campus, an astounding blend between academics and extra-curriculars and much more.

With our holistic approach towards our students’ profiling, we focus not on merely the textbook knowledge instead we equip our students with the essential skills called for in a rapidly changing, dynamic market today, hence assuring that every student is a multi-talented and an aggregated individual.

The incorporated values at Highbrow School and College keep us from comparing one pupil to another, therefore allowing a rightful dispensation of opportunities to all our students, on the basis of sheer merit that further allows us to have a healthy contest within all year round and nurtures all of us as a single community.

Besides the aforementioned activities, Highbrow School and College lays great emphasis on some of the core values of the society and religion, ensuring that we are not creating just good students, rather valuable human beings.

I hope to see our student body, their parents and our associates function accordingly to further develop our objectives, and I look forward to having you aboard at Highbrow School and College!

Sohaib Abbasi