Our Philosophy

Highbrow School and College espouses a philosophy of tolerance, diversity and compassion. In this regard, we ensure:

  • Intake from socially, academically and economically diverse pool of applicants.

  • Strong emphasis on outside of classroom extracurricular and co-curricular activities and social service, discipline, respect and pursuit of excellence.

Director’s Message

Sir Rizwan:
Over the time period of a couple of years, we have witnessed a slow downward trajectory in Cambridge Ordinary and Advanced Level education, in Pakistan. Due to which it came as a duty upon us responsible educationalists to do what we could for upholding the wellbeing of the nationwide pedagogy. As a result, Highbrow School and College came into being and is now successfully working on the basis of the idea that we shared as a common ground.

Sir Yawar:
The appalling truth of today’s education is that competition between institutions is common, and compromise on the quality of education is evident despite of the investment into the education sector with the growing number of students. Highbrow School and College is the plan of likewise minds, which is growing under the core intention of providing students with the best teaching standards and a healthy environment.

Sir Husnain:
Keeping in mind the multiple issues, the significant pillar of education suffers from, around us, the initiation of Highbrow was the decision taken after joining hands to work against those issues and on the common aim of transforming the process of learning and teaching as well as of minimizing commercialism. So I think it is threading the very fabric of education sector in Pakistan.

Sir Zeeshan:
Highbrow School and College has been established with a clear vision. Considering edification and aiming to provide a pattern and more comprehensive alternative to our bright students, seeking quality education and memorable experience and forming a flourishing community where everything is done for the best advantage of the students and their ideas and opinions are given voice to.

Highbrow Philosophy