Welcome to Highbrow College

An institution aspiring to empower young people by giving them a suitable environment to grow intellectually, artistically, academically, athletically, and morally.

The Advanced Level program at Highbrow College shall aim to provide a dynamic learning environment designed to prepare every student for a successful college experience. A strong program of academic vigor shall enable students to reach and challenge themselves in an environment that fosters independence and self-reliance.

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Highbrow College espouses a philosophy of tolerance, diversity and compassion. In this regard, we ensure:

  • Intake from socially, academically and economically diverse pool of applicants.
  • Strong emphasis on outside of classroom extracurricular and co-curricular activities and social service, discipline, respect and pursuit of excellence.
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Prudence allows us to judge correctly what is right and what is wrong in any given situation.

Members of the House of Prudence use intellect and morality to judge and apply right reason to practice. They critically analyze situations and safeguard the very fabric of the moral aspect of Highbrow College’s philosophy.

House Color: Black

Courage allows us to overcome fear and to remain steady in our will in the face of obstacles.

Members of the House of Courage remain steadfast in the face of adversity, under all circumstances. While assuring risk minimization and reasonability, no fear deters the members of the House of Courage from saying what is right, doing what is right and supporting what is right.

House Color: Green

Temperance attempts to keep us from excess, and, as such, requires the balancing of legitimate goods against our inordinate desire for them.

Members of the House of Temperance assure, demonstrate and embody moderation. This moderation is in desires, conduct or in opinions. The members of the House of Temperance exhibit unwavering self-control and restraint under all circumstances.

House Color: Violet

Justice is the constant and permanent determination to give everyone his or her rightful due.

Members of the House of Justice personify the notion that ‘justice is blind’ and dedicate their efforts, resources and time to ensure that justice is served on merit and the deserving gets the rightful due. This also encompasses the idea of equality and impartiality.

House Color: Blue

Our Campus

Located in the heart of North Nazimabad, Highbrow College will be conveniently accessible with ample parking space. All classrooms and corridors will be covered and fully air conditioned. On top of that, all classrooms will be equipped with modern equipment (such as multimedia and smartboards), comfortable seating, power outlets etc.

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Principal Message

Dear Friends!

I heartily welcome you all to the glimpse and word, from the representation of what is a prospective leader in the education industry, located right in the heart of Pakistan, Karachi city, for years to come. Greetings to you, from Highbrow School and College!

Highbrow School and College has been established with a preternatural intention of providing exclusive Ordinary and Advanced Level studies to aspiring learners along with a noteworthy omission of commercialism, unlike most of the institutions based in the city.

The formation of Highbrow School and College brings about a sensational fusion of the foremost demands of today’s pupils; a remarkably top-notch teaching faculty, a contemporarily accoutered purpose-built campus, an astounding blend between academics and extra-curriculars and much more.

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