Advanced Subsidiary Level (AS) and Advanced Level (A2) Candidates

Step 1 Submission

  • Complete and submit Highbrow College Application Form
  • Carefully provide all the required information marked with an asterisk (*)
  • Upload the required documents in .jpg/pdf format
  • Provisional certificates are accepted if original certificates are pending at the time of application

Step 2 Application Review

  • Admission office will review your application within 24 hours of application submission (business day)
  • You may be contacted for more information and/or reminders; if need be

Step 3 Interview

Once your application has been reviewed and you have been shortlisted; you will be notified through email as well as via telephone about your interview appointment. During the interview; you will be required to submit copies of the following documents:

  • Attested Ordinary Level transcripts issued by CAIE
  • Attested grade 10 and grade 11 mid-year and final/mock exam transcripts
  • Attested Form-B/Family Registration Certificate (FRC)
  • Attested Computerized National Identity Cards of yourself and your parents (or guardian)
  • 3 passport-size photographs (with blue or white background) with your full name and date of birth written on the back

In addition to the said documents; applicants of A2 admission will be required to also submit attested copies of their AS Level transcripts (Mid-year, Final/Mock, CAIE etc. as the case may be)

All applicants will also be required to submit a short 500 word essay on a general (fairly easy) topic that will be communicated to you in the same interview appointment email. Please note that your submitted essay shall majorly influence the admission decision and we expect that you will be honest and will not seek anyone else’s help in writing it.

Applicants hoping to be considered for limited scholarships based on their achievements in the field of sports or any other extra-curricular activities may print, complete and submit Highbrow Star Form (attached to the interview appointment email) along with their documents on the day of interview.

Step 4 Decision

If you clear the interview and all required documents have been submitted; you will be sent an email containing the Offer of Admission, other pertinent documents, and instructions regarding Admission Fee deposit. In the same email, a document shall contain your Highbrow College ID (HCID) and its password that you will use to sign-in on our website and accept or decline the offer.

Should you choose to trust us with your academic and personal profile building and accept the admission offer, you will be receive a confirmation email.

Please note that your admission to Highbrow College is, ultimately, contingent to payment of Admission Fee within the stipulated deadline.

Note: Your scholarship will be evaluated once your final Ordinary Level grades are available.