Dear parents and prospective students,

I cordially welcome you to Highbrow College – a modern, dynamic and liberal college for Advanced Level studies; located in the heart of the city and built on the tenets of compassion, commitment, devotion, honesty, sincerity and, responsibility.

In its first academic year and beyond, Highbrow College shall develop and adopt contemporary infrastructure, pedagogies and teaching methods; while upholding traditional values and never compromising on principles and morals. It will be an amalgamation of accomplished teachers, efficient management, a modern and state of the art infrastructure, and a secure environment.

Our approach will be student centered and we will take pride in and own our students hailing from diverse backgrounds; carrying unique streaks of cultures, values and traditions. The staff, the management and the faculty at Highbrow College shall strictly and dedicatedly adhere to its philosophy and our students will be facilitated to Seek, encouraged to Strive and will be helped to Succeed.

At Highbrow College, we are committed to countering the unnecessary commercialization of Advanced Level studies. We are brave in our approach and will be highly selective in our intake. We hope that with relentless and selfless efforts by our management, our faculty, our student body and our students’ parents, Highbrow College will reach majestic heights.

I look forward to working with you in making Highbrow College a leader in education industry; providing an idyllic environment for quality teaching and learning.

Best regards,

Sohaib A. Abbasi